4 Easy Steps to Take Charge of Your Pregnancy!

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1. Download the app & get in touch

You can already start by downloading our Together for Her Pregnancy app. Here you can find all the pregnancy information you need. At the same time, send us a message or give us a call, to check whether our Care Pack is available in your region and to choose a doctor and hospital that suits you.

We are currently offering the Care Package in Pune only.


2. Schedule your Intake

Dependent on which month of pregnancy you are in, on which doctor you choose, your unique healthcare needs and of course your own preferences, we will optimize your Care Package. Each pack will be optimized to your needs and wants, and will be coordinated with your doctor. You can download an example Care Pack below!

3. Choose a payment method

We offer multiple options for you to pay. You can pay a monthly fee or you can pay your full 9 months of care upfront and save an additional 5%! In this payment all your antenatal and postnatal care is included, as agreed upon in your unique package. No surprises, no additional bills, no need to pay for your care at the doctor or hospital first. 

Not sure whether you already want to pay? Try our one-week Free Mini Pack to see if the Safe Motherhood Care Package is something for you!

4. Start your Care Experience

You will receive an introduction information package, your App will show your upcoming appointments and you will be able to get in touch with your doctor in the app. If you have opted for nutrition or breastfeeding consultancy then these appointments will get planned.

Your personal health coordinator will keep you updated on your progress, reach out to you on a weekly basis to see whether there are any warning signals that need attention. We will keep you informed when the next BabyShower is taking place and when the next 'ask-me-anything' doctor and nutrition sessions are online.

Lastly, you do not need to worry about any financials anymore, you saved up to 30% on your pregnancy costs! All the care that you need before and after delivery is taken care off, and there will be no surprises anymore!

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